Awesome Atronach

Heads up but if you’re not a Dovahkiin, this little glitch may not interest you too much. I recently got back into Skyrim and this time started a new character focused on conjuration and heavy armor. Basically, a build to just stand there and let my Atronach kick the shit out of everything around me.

Chances are you’ve either summoned or encountered a Flame Atronach in the game as pictured above. Now being a conjurer these days, I’ve gotten accustomed to having one these floating around me anytime I’m outside of a town. Then I summoned this thing:

Still a Flame Atronach , but definitely not your average one. The fire effect on this one was the kind you typically see when you kill a dragon and its skin burns off.

It was pretty damned cool, but very short lived.

Sure enough it burned to a crisp, but surprisingly didn’t die. Instead it continued to live and float around me, except now he wasn’t really a Flame Atronach , but more of an Ash Atronach . This was among the most interesting glitches I’ve come across in the few hundred hours I’ve put into the game.

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