So this Draugr was slowly walking towards me while I was hiding in the shadows. While he was still far off, I took aim at his head with the expectation of the distance dropping my arrow to about chest level. I must’ve miscalculated the gap between us as my arrow only came down slightly. But with this error came the perfect shot, literally right between the eyes. Beautiful.

CSI: Markarth

During one of my many visits to Markarth, I came across the local guards during their investigations. It seems that there was a ruckus after some Forsworn had broken into the city. Unfortunately, it seems that the city guards are terribly underfunded as they employed no other tactics besides simply asking each other “What happened?”. After a little while I had decided to leave and thought to myself that if this was the finest of Markarth, the most likely conclusion they would arrive at would be “Looks like they fell, case closed boys.”

Tripping through Whiterun

So drinking on the job is generally looked down upon anywhere, but in Skyrim knocking back a couple of Skooma on a quest is seen as an even worse offense. But I have a problem and all so why not. Shortly after I pounded them for the long trip back to Whiterun I felt ripped off. Nothing. It tasted like Skooma but I sure as hell wasn’t feeling it.

But with my luck, that shit hit me like a caravan as soon as I walked through those big ass gates. It must’ve been pretty noticeable since this Alik’r dude was giving me the “What’s wrong with you” eyes.

The ground was starting to look pretty blurry but as long as I don’t bump into any guards I think I can safely stumble to my meeting.

Whoa boy, even the walls are starting to melt.

Oh shit a guard and I’m too messed up to drink an invisibility potion let alone stand straight up.

Ok made to the meeting place without being arrested. And it looks like things are starting to look a bit less blurry, I’m slowly starting to come down I should be fine. Let’s just hope I can speak and the contact doesn’t notice any after effects.

Posthumous sword trap

With her last breath, this Silver Hand seemed to purposely drop her sword on the trigger plate for the door trap in one final effort to thwart my assault. But I was fortunate for I was just out of reach and narrowly escaped with my life. Or perhaps it was dumb luck on both our parts, I dunno.