Civ V video card storm

I’ve played Civ V on my last two gaming PCs and put over 1000 hours into it to date. Through all that I’ve never seen this glitch/bug. This happened every time I flipped from one monitor to the other running the game. After I quit and started playing a little later, it ceased to continue so it didn’t pose an problems playing. Nothing overly interesting but new to me.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #23

Sometimes when I notice a flash about to hit me and it’s too late, I usually keep aiming (if I know where they are) and hope whoever threw it will jump out after it pops off and a blind shot might hit them. Works like a charm this time, though most of the time it doesn’t.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #22

And now it’s back to the ever so comforting map known as Inferno. Ok, maybe not yet but this is video is on it, it’s just from a while ago. Anyways, 1v2 with bomb planted, but I was broke and only had a Mac-10 while the other two had an AK and a M4.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #21

Back on Cache again, not overly familiar with it yet but that’s fine. Scores is as close as it gets at half time so pistol round as Ts is quite important. Make our way quickly to A site, get the quick plant at default and it’s a 3v3 we got this. Well that 3v3 becomes a 1v3 pretty damned quick and I’m running low on ammo.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #20

For the longest time I’ve really only had Inferno in my map queue as it’s simply my favourite since they’ve updated Nuke. Slowly I’ve reintroduced myself to Train and the new Nuke as Inferno was getting a bit stale for me. Now I’ve thrown Cache and Overpass into the mix to change things up (no dice for Mirage or Dust II). So here goes nothing on a map I’m rusty on, should be a simple 1v1.