Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #28

One of my favourite strategies on cache when T side is for everyone to go B site and make a lot of noise. Then the sneaky bomb carrier can sneakily sneak their sneaky ass to A site through squeaky and wait for the A site CTs to rotate. It goes according to plan until everyone on my team dies on B site. Fortunately the distraction worked and my team bought me some valuable time, but two CTs live and start heading to A site where it’s just me and the bomb.

That’s gotta hurt

It appears that when I went in for the kill with Hammond here, I must’ve hit him on top of his head with the blunt end of my sword. Because rather than split his cranium down the middle, I knocked it right down into his chest (which I can only assume broke his neck). Not what I expected, but it seemed to work so I can’t complain. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Hammond was also bald and has been wearing a toupee all along. It looks like it fell off once I delivered the finishing whack to the head and for some reason, his man wig just kind of floated there…

That spread though

That’s right. Count them. A difference of 14 ranks. I’ve never seen such a wide spread in a game that I joined as a solo. It wasn’t even an odd hour at night or anything that may have lead to slim pickings when it came to players. The wait time was a little longer but nothing ridiculous though.

Roach getting all swole

So Roach must’ve heard Geralt and company’s game plan of fighting the Wild Hunt head on and decided to get in as much exercise as possible to help us as best as he can. Any help is appreciated buddy, but when I see your fear levels rise when we come face to face with some wolves I think you may not have what it takes. Check out the head bob and stare down near the end.

Tug boat not found

So what does the harbour master do when a freighter has to pass through a narrow canal or do a tight park job and there are not tug boats around? Request a nearby cruise ship to do the nudging of course. In this case, the captain of the cruise ship may have went a little too fast.