Knocked out into the void

Didn’t realize my soldier’s rocket was strong enough to knock an enemy out of the map and into the void. Got worried my game was basically screwed without coming back since I haven’t saved in a while prior to this.

Ice fishing season 2021/2022

In recent years the ice fishing season has been fairly slow for my dad and I regardless of which lake we decided to visit. While the 2021/2022 season this year wasn’t particularly amazing either, it was an uptick from the years before which was a welcome change. With the season over (about a month ago actually, I’m just slow with posting things) I took a look back at some photos we thought would be worthy to take.

This was my biggest prize on the year, she weighed exactly 5.00lbs. Over the years I’ve caught some good size walleye, but I can’t recall a recent catch that was this big. Even when we go far up north in Canada to remote areas they’re mostly a bit smaller than this one. Though I admit we don’t weigh every single one we catch.

This was our best day on the ice, which isn’t too shabby considering we only really fish for 5 or 6 hours at a time, sometimes even less. I can’t take much credit for this haul though, my dad caught everything in this picture except for one of the two larger walleye. In my defense, I also did catch another walleye, but it was tiny so I threw it back. Also I’m not entirely sure how a pike found it’s way to the spot but we’ll take it too.

This walleye gets an honorable mention for being the prettiest fish we caught. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but in the sunlight it was sparkling beautifully. My girlfriend’s daughter said it was a golden fish because of its colour and I can’t disagree.

As much as we do enjoy our father and son ice fishing adventures, we have no problem putting away the rods for the season as it just means we can starting pulling out the golf clubs and hitting the links!