A break

I will be taking a bit of time away from posting anything. From the bullet point advice below, I’m sure you’ll get the idea of what happened. In short I need a little recovery time.

– Remind those you love, that you love them daily.
– Put in more effort for others.
– Ask for help when needed. Those you ask will feel appreciated rather than burdened.
– It’s ok to cry.

Ice fishing season 2022/2023

With the 2022/2023 ice fishing season wrapped up, I want to share the only walleye I caught all year. While my dad caught a few over the season, he’s the jealous one because the only one I caught all year was a monster. This beast is by far the biggest walleye I’ve caught, it measured 76cm and weighed 10lbs on the dot. Sorry about the imperial and metric measurements, we kind of use both here. Prior to this, the largest one I caught was last year and it weighed in at 5lbs so needless to say I destroyed my old personal best. If this mathematical trend continues I should land a 20lb one next year! Or at least a 15lb one depending on which formula you use.