Pokemon Go glitch art

I’ve noticed that some Pokestops in Pokemon Go tend to glitch when you tap on them. In my opinion they look like some neat glitch art and thought I’d screenshot them. So here they are, and should I come across anymore I’ll add them to this post. Unfortunately some get grayed out for the most part.

Road camouflage

I’ve seen the glitch where your character becomes pure black and lacks all textures, but this is the first time I’ve seen my character go the same texture as the roads on the map. Better to sneak up on unsuspecting Pokemon maybe?

Great lighting

I really seem to flip to my Pipboy at some of the greatest moments. The first picture was a flash during a rad storm, and the second was somewhere in a foundry. Not much else, just thought they looked great.

Minimalism in XCOM 2

Among my favourite things in gaming is that some titles have truly great artistic style. Some games even have such distinct styles that you can simply look at a screenshot and instantly know which game series it’s from. Games like Borderlands, Don’t Starve, or Minecraft are a few that come to mind as instantly recognizable. I’ve recently been playing through XCOM 2, and while I find the gameplay graphics to not be overly unique, I do think the minimalist loading screens are a great touch and would make great desktop wallpapers. So here they are if you’d like to use them:

And my personal favourite:

Missed connections: CS:GO edition

I feel like these two searching for a team in nearby, yet separate, lobbies were destined to play together. Alas, after 10 or so minutes never did I see them join each other’s and I think they never crossed paths again. It’s a shame, but it looks like it was never meant to be.