Working on my design skills

In an ongoing effort to work on my digital graphic skills, I opened up a Redbubble shop a while back (which you can visit here). However, it’s been mainly just my blog and Instagram logos. Like many things in life, I’ve got plenty of ideas jotted down but no time to sit down and focus on completing them. Well recently I’ve made time to progress more on my projects so you’ll see more items appear in my shop, however I probably won’t post every new item here though, so please check it regularly for new additions. However, as you can tell my blog consists of a lot of Simpsons posts, I thought I’d share the first design from my Simpsons collection. It’s fairly simple but it makes for an easy Halloween costume if you’ve got a hat and an extension cord for a belt.

An easier birdie!

Well I never thought I’d get closer to a hole in one that I did here but this previous summer I topped myself. This was on another 150ish yard par 3 and there is no visible divot as it landed fairly far away on the green and rolled up to the cup. If you don’t believe me that’s fine, I had 3 coworkers with me who witnessed it and they backed me up with the rest of the golf group at work. Next stop should be a hole in one now!

Was this a meteor?

Sitting out by the fire one night, my girlfriend and I saw this set of lights traveling through the sky. I took this short video (I know, I should’ve kept recording) of it in hopes of identifying it. My guess is that it’s a meteor breakup upon entry into the atmosphere. What are your thoughts as to what else this could be?

Edit: It’s a Starlink satellite train.