Pokemon Go 4 years later

I started Pokemon Go exactly 4 years ago, at least when this screenshot was taken, which was also 1 day after it was released in Canada. During that time I caught nearly 29,000 Pokemon, hit up over 15,000 Pokestops/Gyms, and walked over 5,000kms! All that work and I was still nearly 30,000XP from the max level of 40. In my defense I’m a rather casual player rather than some who are ridiculously dedicated, so I’m happy with the numbers I put up. Also, I did hit level 40 about 2 days after this was taken.

My RDR2 horse

I could not stop laughing when I named my first horse Krudler in RDR2. Then I could not stop crying when I fell off a cliff with him and he died. I wasn’t crying so much because he died, I was mostly crying because I survived the fall and was fairly far from a town or road so I had to walk forever. Anyways, his spirit lives on in Krudler II.