Cyberpunk 2077 “Armor”

Just barely getting into Cyberpunk 2077, and while roaming around I ended up taking down some thugs. After looting their bodies, I noticed that I grabbed some pants. After comparing them, I noticed the armor rating was significantly better than my current pants. I reluctantly began wearing them…

Funny looking Brahmin

Walking up to this “Brahmin” corpse I suspected it looked a bit thinner than usual, perhaps it was malnourished. Then I noticed it had horns, which is odd as they typical do not. Then I noticed it wasn’t a god damned Brahmin at all!

A truly Airborne Marauder

So I see an Airborne Marauder flying around in the distance without seeing me. Always a fun sight because I like to hit the engine of the Buzzard they’re flying around on and watch them plummet to the ground. Well what do I see when I zoom in? No Buzzard at all, this chump is just floating around in the sky! Either that or they’ve now developed cloaking technology for the Buzzard, which is pointless if the pilot isn’t cloaked as well.

Pokemon Go 4 years later

I started Pokemon Go exactly 4 years ago, at least when this screenshot was taken, which was also 1 day after it was released in Canada. During that time I caught nearly 29,000 Pokemon, hit up over 15,000 Pokestops/Gyms, and walked over 5,000kms! All that work and I was still nearly 30,000XP from the max level of 40. In my defense I’m a rather casual player rather than some who are ridiculously dedicated, so I’m happy with the numbers I put up. Also, I did hit level 40 about 2 days after this was taken.