These side by side ads

These two ads beside each other caught my eye and made me giggle to myself. These two pictures could easily be used in one of the before and after drug PSAs. Poor Quaker Oats guy really was on a downward spiral, but it looks like it did help him land the lead role in Joker.

Another easy birdie

Short par 5, should be an easy birdie no? But a birdie right off the drive? Hmm. I’m not entirely sure what may have caused these seagulls to flock onto this hole but I think my chances of getting birdie went up. On a side note, on our second shot my dad did actually hit one of them. Fortunately it was when the ball was just bouncing slowly. I did feel bad for the seagull, after it was hit it tried to fly off but wobbled and stumbled on the ground a bit before it could take off. Once it got up in the air it looked fine though.

This brilliant mind

I was browsing the news a while back and this was the freeze frame of a video regarding a protest. I couldn’t help but laugh as it reminded me that old “get a brain morans” picture that made it’s rounds on the internet a long time ago. Frankly I’m surprised that they knew to use “than” as opposed to “then”.

An original meme

I was flipping through my France pictures the other day and I completely forgot that I found the original painting of an antiquated internet meme while I was wandering through the Louvre. I must’ve had quite the laugh since I took a photo of it and not of many other great pieces in the museum. For those curious, this is a self portrait of Joseph Ducreux and is titled “Portrait de l’artiste sous les traits d’un moqueur”. As you can tell, he was renowned for the wild expressions on his subject’s faces.

A meal suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion auto correct, but Crab Alfredo Fetus is not what we made for supper. I’m aware that this suggestion was prompted by my incorrect attempt to spell fettuccine but I still can’t imagine fetus being used that often to warrant it a suggestion.