Double hole in one shootout!

To put this into perspective, to date I’ve played 6,219 games of Golf Clash and have had 37 holes in one. However, that is a bit misleading as each individual game is played either on a par 4 or 5 and not a par 3. Par 3s only show up in a shootout where the 2 players tie during the regular game. However, they can also appear in tournaments, but I do not play tournaments often so I’m going to say we can ignore those. The question then becomes how often do games go to a shootout? I’m going to call it 50%, however realistically I think it’s closer to 60% or so. Regardless, that would mean I’ve made about 37 holes in one out of 3,110 games, or about 1.19% of the time. I consider myself an alright player in Golf Clash, so let’s assume my opponent has about the same rate of holes in one. So with those percentages in mind, it was absolutely insane that I had a game go into a shootout where both myself and my opponent hit a hole in one in a shootout and we had to another one. Going back to the numbers, that’s about a 0.014% chance of it happening.

My boy Blue (reference intended) choked his second shootout shot and I won, but even then I felt bad for him.

Ugh not again…

I just want to vent some of my frustration here. No fault on Niantic’s part, but the other week after not paying attention to how close I was to hitting the 25km mark with adventure sync I came up 0.1km short of the 25km rewards. This is at least the 4th or 5th time this has happened and it irks must so much. Again, not a game issue just a me being a dumbass issue.

Damn close finish

I’ve had some close calls during closest to the pin shootouts but this is the first time I won (or lost) by .01 of a yard. To put that into perspective, .01 yards is 0.9144cm (0.393701 inches) and a golf ball is about 4.3cm in diameter. So I was closer by less than a quarter of the width of a golf ball (about 21.265% closer). Crazy. Sorry Marco.