Traces of uranium

For the first time in my hundreds and hundreds of hours of playing Civ V I’ve finally discovered uranium in the ocean. But even in the year 2151 AD I possessed no technology to harvest it from the ocean floor. Sad face.

Missing: Tokyo

What the hell? Where did Tokyo go to?! I’m not even participating in a war that would have wiped it out!

Oh wait there it is. Although I don’t remember the city being that shape…

Many years later…

Consul Oda Nabunaga: “Alright agent Kawashima, for your next assignment we’ll require you in St. Petersburg. As usual, gather whatever intelligence you can on Russia’s technologies and see if you can steal one. Can you do this relatively quickly?”

Agent Kawashima: “Yes sir, shouldn’t take too long.”

Civ V video card storm

I’ve played Civ V on my last two gaming PCs and put over 1000 hours into it to date. Through all that I’ve never seen this glitch/bug. This happened every time I flipped from one monitor to the other running the game. After I quit and started playing a little later, it ceased to continue so it didn’t pose an problems playing. Nothing overly interesting but new to me.

Typical conversation in my empire

Consul Oda Nabunaga: “For our next grand wonders we shall construct the Parthenon! the Grand Library! And the Oracle! Engineers! Where will be the best location to construct such great monuments?”

Civil Engineer #1: “The Oracle would be best built out in the ocean!”

Civil Engineer #2: “The Parthenon should be out out in the ocean too! Not as far, but still pretty inaccessible.”

Civil Engineer #3: “The Grand Library should be built half way down a hill partly on a river! But only one wing of it should sit over the river! Oh and about a third of the courtyard should be on the river too!”

Consul Oda Nabunaga: “I really should’ve researched the engineering technology before I hired you guys…”