Theme Hospital fans rejoice!

I’m not a huge fan of many big triple A games studios and publishers are pushing out these days so I can’t really say I’ve got any titles that I’m excited for in 2018. But it only took 18 days into the new year to put one on the list. Yesterday Sega tweeted and posted an announcement trailer (above) for Two Point Hospital coming in Fall of 2018. From the limited video and screenshots available, it looks to be fairly cartoonish, which excites me as it indicates that they will hopefully closely follow the mechanics that made Theme Hospital so fun. I’m also happy to see it available on Steam (of course). So if you were a big fan of the original and want to see some updated graphics (and who know what else could be new), put this one on your wish list as it looks promising!

If you’ve never played Theme Hospital, it’s a great sim game and you should check it out. You will most likely love it if you’ve liked games like Rollercoaster Tycoon and Prison Architect. It’s not on Steam, but it is available for at GOG for $7.49 CAD.

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