Within an inch

By the looks of it, the captain my company hired for this ship was related to the guy who sunk that cruise ship by hitting fricking Italy. I guess when another crew member bets him that he can’t get within an inch of a bridge, or boat, or an entire country, their family cannot refuse.

Invisible balcony?

Zoomed in on one of my airports and I guess there was an invisible balcony installed. I’m not sure but I think this is some sort of OHSA violation. Or perhaps these two travelers have the power of flight. But then why would they be at a damned airport!?

Lazy loading

Whoever threw together this loading screen for Transport Fever is pretty damned lazy. How many times can you reuse the same model? I count the guy in the yellow shirt 14 times. And let’s not bring up how many are sitting in the same position with their hands up. I’ll give the designer a bit of break, the game itself is about vehicles, so I don’t expect these models to be too detailed but come on. I see a higher variety of citizen models when I’m playing the game so they could’ve thrown a few more in there.