Unexpected romance in the valley

So I had to give this dandelion to Sebastian as a delivery quest and I overlooked the due date so I ended scrambling for him on the last day. When I wasn’t able to find him anywhere I decided to wait by his house and catch him on his way to bed. I realized holding the dandelion above my head and standing in the rain at night by his house looked much more romantic than I had intended. Mainly because Sebastian is a single guy and, well, I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Stardew Valley clear cut

I’ve recently had the urge to create a nice farm in Stardew Valley  again. I’ll create a screenshot showcase for this once it’s all done too, but I’ve also got another idea for it as well. I don’t plan on sharing what this is until it’s all done (that might be a while). Much appreciation for upload.farm for making taking screenshots of your entire farm flipping easy.

I also took a different approach to building the farm. Rather than make some space and begin farming, I decided to clean up the entire farm first. That is literally all I did. No farming, no foraging, no socializing in town, nothing. I just woke up everyday and headed out to continue cleaning it up.


I can’t clear the bigger rocks or stumps until I upgrade my tools, which probably won’t be for a little while. I’m also aware there’s a small patch of grass that grew overnight, and yes it bothers me too. For those curious, it took 23 days and here’s what clearing it all up netted me:


The clay and artifacts actually came from the odd worms I spotted and dug up. It’ll take some time, but I’ll eventually post a complete farm.