Ghoul two shot

Ok, nothing really overly remarkable about this clip. However it is the first time I’ve knocked a ghoul off his feet (without killing him) and then finishing him with a second shot before he even hits the ground. A definite first for me using VATS and an automatic weapon.

Minutemen vs Vertibird

So, in anticipation of defending the Castle from a significant Institute attack, the Minutemen called in almost all of their recruits as backup with myself included. A group of them had garrisoned themselves on top of one of the walls and I decided to join them. During the calm before the storm, I noticed a Vertibird attacking something on the ground though I did not see what exactly. As I’m no fan of the Brotherhood, I decided to do some target practice on it.

Unappreciative Preston

After I enthusiastically came back from spreading the word of the Minutemen, doing good and all that, Preston was not impressed at all. In fact all he did was give me a damned cold shoulder and then a little shrug! What an arse hole!

I felt like adding a couple of emotional chords (thanks to would make it kind of funny.