I can’t lose!

So I’m in warmup of a Danger Zone game and look who I paired up with as my teammate! I can’t lose with Ol’ Musky on my team! He’s brilliant and I’m sure he’ll be a great tactician for the game!

Oh no! We’re barely in the match c’mon dude! Quick respawn and get your head back in the game!

Damn I guess Elon should stick with cars and rockets rather than battle royales…

Going for the quick defuse

I rarely find myself attempting to go for a ninja and I wouldn’t even consider it on a 2v3, especially so quickly after a plant. However, when I made this split second decision I was hoping that my teammate had distracted the other team just long enough.

M4A1-S Whiteout?

Counter-Strike has been around for ages and has a huge community as well as competitive e-league. So it should be no surprise that over the years the code has been fairly polished and encountering bugs is relatively rare. After nearly 2,000 hours logged in CS:GO, this is the first time I had ever encountered a bug like this. If you’re familiar with the game, you know that weapon skins are a big component of the game so I’m thinking this was a skin issue but it’s definitely not a common issue. Neat.

Stuck door! Stuck door!

I’ve played CS:GO for years now and have always thought the whole stuck in a door bug was long fixed. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t happen to a teammate one game. Of course I tried to help but that damned thing wouldn’t even open with my help and for my attempt I was spotted and killed. Classic old CS sound effects added for dramatic effect.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #29

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these butt clenching clutch or flop videos, so here you go. This one is a 1v3 on Nuke (not my best map) and I’ve got an AWP, which sounds good but it is definitely the gun I am the slowest with. So here goes nothing.