Traces of uranium

For the first time in my hundreds and hundreds of hours of playing Civ V I’ve finally discovered uranium in the ocean. But even in the year 2151 AD I possessed no technology to harvest it from the ocean floor. Sad face.

Missing: Tokyo

What the hell? Where did Tokyo go to?! I’m not even participating in a war that would have wiped it out!

Oh wait there it is. Although I don’t remember the city being that shape…

Within an inch

By the looks of it, the captain my company hired for this ship was related to the guy who sunk that cruise ship by hitting fricking Italy. I guess when another crew member bets him that he can’t get within an inch of a bridge, or boat, or an entire country, their family cannot refuse.

M4A1-S Whiteout?

Counter-Strike has been around for ages and has a huge community as well as competitive e-league. So it should be no surprise that over the years the code has been fairly polished and encountering bugs is relatively rare. After nearly 2,000 hours logged in CS:GO, this is the first time I had ever encountered a bug like this. If you’re familiar with the game, you know that weapon skins are a big component of the game so I’m thinking this was a skin issue but it’s definitely not a common issue. Neat.

Invisible balcony?

Zoomed in on one of my airports and I guess there was an invisible balcony installed. I’m not sure but I think this is some sort of OHSA violation. Or perhaps these two travelers have the power of flight. But then why would they be at a damned airport!?