Just a typical mobile game advertisement

I’m having a hard time filing this one under the gaming videos category but I’m going to anyway. At a quick glance for this farming game, I was intrigued as it maybe looked like Stardew Valley built in 3D. I’m not entirely sure how fun that would be exactly, but it still caught my attention as I do love farming, tycoon style management and city building games. Once I tapped on the ad boy was I surprised. I don’t know anything about the company that developed the game or the game itself, but damn does this sort of deceptive advertising irritate me. Especially for a (what I assume) is going to be a simple *takes big breath* tap-and-wait-or-pay-for-premium-currency-to-speed-it-up-game. Needless to say I never did download it. If you’re a fan of this game, to each their own but I’ll stick to Stardew thanks.

These side by side ads

These two ads beside each other caught my eye and made me giggle to myself. These two pictures could easily be used in one of the before and after drug PSAs. Poor Quaker Oats guy really was on a downward spiral, but it looks like it did help him land the lead role in Joker.

Mobile games and their ads

With the explosion of smartphones and mobiles apps and ads, it’s no surprise there are many foreign made ones. And with that, it’s no surprise there’s spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in some of them. If you survive this game for 15 seconds you’ll be legally skilled at what? The game? Painting? Flying an airplane? Brain surgery?

Interesting whiteboard

So I was browsing whiteboards at work, then naturally some of the ads on another website became tailored to my recent search. It’s definitely the weirdest whiteboard I’ve ever seen. Or it’s quite possibly a gigantic sheath with an absurd product name, I’m not sure.