Ice fishing season has begun!

Besides playing the old NES with my dad, another thing we did together when I was younger was fishing. Somewhere in late high school this kind of tapered off as I began to have a bit of a social life and such. During university I was too busy as well and then I moved away and a hectic life just kept me busy. Though granted I could’ve made time during those years, I also just didn’t feel the urge to go fishing. So I didn’t really end up going with him again until I was 30 (we have gone golfing on the weekends for years so it’s not like I just ditched him don’t worry).

That was summertime fishing, I never really went ice fishing with him as I hated the cold. I decided one weekend to join him and give it a whirl. I found it relaxing when there isn’t a nibble while still exciting when they’re biting. So now it’s become a regular thing when we have a day free on the weekend.

I remember catching lots of perch when I was a kid but this weekend I caught the biggest perch I’ve ever seen let alone caught! It fought pretty good too, in fact when I was pulling it up I was convinced it was a decent sized walleye or perhaps a smaller pike. While it wasn’t the best day fishing (as you can tell by what we caught) I was ecstatic to catch this one. It measured 33cm (13 inches):

And while we’re on the topic of personal bests, I got this walleye last year though I never posted it then so here it is. It measured 60cm (24 inches) and I can’t remember the weight even though we did weigh it.

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