CS:GO: A Tale of Trolls

Solo queuing for a competitive match in CS:GO is sometimes a gamble, there’s no doubt about that. You’ve got potential for trolls, people who don’t communicate, and straight up arseholes. But since it’s mostly all I play, I accept this truth and just dive into a game and hope for the best. But this is beyond my worst expectations. These guys were quite annoying on the mic to begin with and the worst part is there was two of them so we couldn’t even kick them.

Ok, maybe they’re annoying but at least they’re trying. Right? Ok, maybe they just got off to a really bad start and accidentally killed four teammates in four rounds. Right!? Ok, whom am I kidding. These guys are trolls or are trying very hard to derank.

Another round, another two team kills. How were these guys not yet automatically kicked out of the match!? Also it looks like Ghostofdead threw in the towel and just quit, can’t really say I blame him.

Two team killing trolls and a bot. How it was 2-3 for the other team at this point is beyond me.

They eventually ended up quitting all together but it was far too late for me and thatmexican619 (props to him for sticking around and trying with me). If those two would have actually tried we could’ve easily won this match. The fact that we made it 16-8, I put up a 42-20 KD, 107 points on my own (not to mention the kills on the bots) makes me think the other team saw an easy win and didn’t try too hard though. Ah well, let’s hope I don’t queue up with people like this again…