For the first time in my life, I’ve actually ran out of ink in a pen. Normally I’d lose it long before it’s even halfway done. In school, at work, at home, I’ve never ran out of ink before. I’ve had this bad boy for years now in the office I work in and the other day it finally kicked the bucket. I gave it a proper burial in the office garbage can.

Who is actually in the zoo exhibit here?

As I was sitting at my desk a something moving caught my peripheral vision. When I looked over I saw this guy just chilling and peaking into my office. With the little park beside the building, with the rocks and trees, and the blinds reminding me of bars it felt like I was observing him in his habitat exhibit at a zoo. Then it hit me that he was doing the same thing, observing a human in his office exhibit (where sometimes I feel like I live unfortunately). I’m not sure sure what I should’ve felt when this dawned on me, but it left me slightly perplexed.