Goodnight, sweet iPhone

Back in 2008 when the iPhone 3G launched in Canada, it’s no surprise it was highly in demand. Even when working a low paying office temp job, I couldn’t help myself but to splurge on buying one almost right away. The reviews from the earlier US launch and the possibilities of the App Store had the tech junky in me going mad. Well, that was years ago and it has long since been replaced as my phone, but I did manage to find a way let it have a place in my life. Since around 2011, it has been the radio in my office and frankly, my favourite coworker. Rather than shove in a drawer and forget about it, I loaded it up with all my music, plugged in the USB cord, and have had it in every office I’ve worked in. This DJ has been spinning tracks on repeat for nearly 8 years nonstop during the work week for me, even after I dropped it badly during one move.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. One day I noticed that my favourite DJ was putting on some weight or possibly sick and feeling bloated.

Sure enough, this DJ was showing signs of a terminal disease. Along with cracks along it’s back, I also noticed that the bloating was not an illusion but indeed it had began to expand and the DJ was much thicker than it had once used to be.

After doing a bit of browsing on the subject, it appears to the battery is on its last legs and it’s a lost cause. The bloating became so bad that it had ruptured the back of it, though I never noticed since it always sat face up. As much as it had pained me, fear of it exploding or starting a fire and burning down the office forced me to discard it. So I bid you a fond farewell DJ 3G, you’ve served me far more than I ever could have imagined. Lastly, since I cannot stand working in a silent office, I’ve since kicked off the dust of an old family member and have put DJ 5S to work now.