An easier birdie!

Well I never thought I’d get closer to a hole in one that I did here but this previous summer I topped myself. This was on another 150ish yard par 3 and there is no visible divot as it landed fairly far away on the green and rolled up to the cup. If you don’t believe me that’s fine, I had 3 coworkers with me who witnessed it and they backed me up with the rest of the golf group at work. Next stop should be a hole in one now!

Another easy birdie

Short par 5, should be an easy birdie no? But a birdie right off the drive? Hmm. I’m not entirely sure what may have caused these seagulls to flock onto this hole but I think my chances of getting birdie went up. On a side note, on our second shot my dad did actually hit one of them. Fortunately it was when the ball was just bouncing slowly. I did feel bad for the seagull, after it was hit it tried to fly off but wobbled and stumbled on the ground a bit before it could take off. Once it got up in the air it looked fine though.

Unexpected suggestion

Tilted my head and noticed this written on the roof of my golf cart. Nice try (apparently popular) vandalism guy, I was actually emptying the crumbs at the bottom of a bag of chips. Though I did take your suggestion and made a pit stop at the clubhouse and grabbed a drink as it was a hot day.

Easy birdie

I know this is a gaming blog and all, but golf is a type of game right? Anyways, I was sifting through some old photos on my phone and found this. It’s from last summer, and this was the closest I have ever come to a hole in one and has been since. It was nothing overly special, it was just on a 155ish yard par 3 but definitely picture worthy, for me at least.