Test post please ignore

… But if you choose not to ignore this post here are some things I’m planning on doing here:

  • Commentary – Good old fashioned reviews or articles regarding any sort of media. It might just be a shameless plug for a favourite comic book I read before, or it maybe something else I don’t know quit asking.
  • Glitches – Either video or screenshots of odd gaming glitches to give you a slight chuckle or make you wonder what the hell!? I’m going to keep these my own. The internet is flooded with these and while some are hilarious or amazing, I’m not going to repost any unless they’re exceptional. I’ll try to keep this all original content you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Showcases – I love building games! But I’ve never really got around to building the massive sprawling city/house/theme park I’ve always wanted. So, I plan to actually finish some of these visions and post either development videos/screenshots or a walkthrough of a completed creation. These won’t be limited to building game things, I plan to learn and tinker with things like CS:GO skin creation, Left 4 Dead 2 level creation.
  • Will I clutch it? – I’m an avid CS:GO player, though not very good. However, even silvers have moments of grandeur. I’m thinking of making a series of videos where the odds are stacked against me. Will I clinch it or fall short?
  • Short stories – While I admit I have no education in creative writing, I do spend some time reading. So I figure writing the odd short story would be fun and help me develop my writing skills.
  • Shitposts – If I think of something kind of funny after a few drinks I might just spend time making a picture/video of it. And if I spent time why should I delete it and no share it not matter how dumb?
  • Somewhat personal stuff – A personal blog is supposed to have a personal aspect to it no? So occasionally I’ll post something that isn’t related to gaming or comics because why not?

So if any of that somewhat interests you, I hope you’ll come back from time to time.

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