Goodbye 2018

Originally I had intended to do a sort of “year in review” style post related to my blog but after some mental gymnastics I decided to scrap that idea. However there is one thing I’d like to mention relating to my content and frequency of posts. In short, I’ve learned that trying to create (somewhat) interesting content is that I may be trying to do a bit too much at once. I’ve got a big ass list of ideas such as short stories, video game related videos, miscellaneous videos, gaming showcases, paintings, sketches and drawings, various crafts, original music, and plenty of Simpsons shitposts (like a scary amount of those) I’d like to eventually finish. I find myself bouncing back and forth between a lot of these on a near daily basis. And where my mind and energy focuses one day, may not become the focus of them again for weeks on end. I hope to complete them all one day and to at least make sure I’m doing as such, I’ve decided to set aside dedicated time on a regular basis to ensure I’m progressing.

Ok I somewhat lied, I’ve got a second note about my content (ok perhaps it’s an excuse). This blog ultimately is a place for me to share whatever the hell creations flow out of my cranium. Although, much of what I think up I don’t have the skills or experience to just slap together a finished product. So this blog is also a learning tool for me, well, not the actually blog itself. But when I think of something up, I find myself having to learn as I go along, which ultimately is a by-product of the process that is important to me. Though unfortunately, it does tend to slow my content production down a lot.

There’s a third thing. Yes I know, I originally wrote this to be one point and here we are at number three. I find myself falling prey to my pessimistic thoughts too often when I’m working on something creative, like a sketch or craft, or even a stupid gaming video. I find myself often thinking that it simply “won’t do” and I’m trying to be too much of a perfectionist. I’m really trying to ignore this voice in my head. Even when it’s not something I may be happy with, someone out there might enjoy so I should just stop criticizing myself and finish it rather than set it aside and never to return to it because I’m doubting myself. Ultimately this issue does also cause major delays in my content creation, but I really have to learn to ignore those thoughts.

For 2019 I truly do hope I can get to finishing some higher effort content this year and that I learn plenty along the way.

Oh and one last thing: