That’s a lot of figurines…

This fall I was in Toronto again and my friends and I were doing a little bar hopping one night. I can’t quit remember the name of this place, but man did they want to let you know you can REALLY drink a lot here given the wall of Maneki-neko figurines. Or possibly they wanted to let you know this was a good place to get lucky? Either way I was a bit struck when I went in. Sorry about the vertical video, I wasn’t entirely sober when I whipped out my phone to take a clip.

Evil stock video lady

So I came across this stock video and thought she looked pretty evil (text in video was not added by me). I had a chuckle and after some drinks decided to make it look more evil.

Lesson learned, don’t drink and edit videos. But since I put in all the effort might as well post it. The tune is “Cirice” by Ghost for those wondering.