Stuck door! Stuck door!

I’ve played CS:GO for years now and have always thought the whole stuck in a door bug was long fixed. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t happen to a teammate one game. Of course I tried to help but that damned thing wouldn’t even open with my help and for my attempt I was spotted and killed. Classic old CS sound effects added for dramatic effect.

Surprise Brahmin attack!

It looks like long before the Institute discovered teleportation technology somewhere under Boston, the Brahmin out west in the Mojave had already developed this capability. Fortunately for me, the assassins sent by this mysterious Brahmin Institute were nowhere near as deadly as the Institute’s Coursers.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #29

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these butt clenching clutch or flop videos, so here you go. This one is a 1v3 on Nuke (not my best map) and I’ve got an AWP, which sounds good but it is definitely the gun I am the slowest with. So here goes nothing.

That’s a lot of figurines…

This fall I was in Toronto again and my friends and I were doing a little bar hopping one night. I can’t quit remember the name of this place, but man did they want to let you know you can REALLY drink a lot here given the wall of Maneki-neko figurines. Or possibly they wanted to let you know this was a good place to get lucky? Either way I was a bit struck when I went in. Sorry about the vertical video, I wasn’t entirely sober when I whipped out my phone to take a clip.

Ace, Clutch, or Flop? #28

One of my favourite strategies on cache when T side is for everyone to go B site and make a lot of noise. Then the sneaky bomb carrier can sneakily sneak their sneaky ass to A site through squeaky and wait for the A site CTs to rotate. It goes according to plan until everyone on my team dies on B site. Fortunately the distraction worked and my team bought me some valuable time, but two CTs live and start heading to A site where it’s just me and the bomb.