That’s gotta hurt

It appears that when I went in for the kill with Hammond here, I must’ve hit him on top of his head with the blunt end of my sword. Because rather than split his cranium down the middle, I knocked it right down into his chest (which I can only assume broke his neck). Not what I expected, but it seemed to work so I can’t complain. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Hammond was also bald and has been wearing a toupee all along. It looks like it fell off once I delivered the finishing whack to the head and for some reason, his man wig just kind of floated there…

Stand tall!

As my trusty steed Roach and I saw Ghouls crawl out of trees in the distance I was ready to draw my silver sword. I had no intention of backing down from the foul beasts, to me this would be enjoyable rather than life threatening, I am a Witcher after all. So I whispered to Roach “Let’s stand tall boy” and the son of a bitch took it literally.