Notification is… toast?

You’d think Niantic would be a little more on the ball when they issue notifications like this. I’ve seen this bug in the Professor’s dialogue when a new quest is released, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in a notification.


Natasha B.

We’re sorry you didn’t get the job Natasha, but you were simply over priced compared to other candidates even though you were much more qualified. You don’t have to be so… well, you know, about it.

Does it count as one or two?

I’m quite proud of this Pokemon as it’s rarer than any shiny. That’s right, I’ve got myself a conjoined Eevee & Espeon. After finally getting enough candies, I was a bit hesitant to evolve him (them?). But I gave it a whirl to see what happens!

Hmm I’m not sure what else I really expected. An Espeon conjoined with an Umbreon would have been pretty badass though. So now I’ve got the world’s only conjoined Espeon, which is basically like having double the power of a regular one so no complaints.