Unexpected romance in the valley

So I had to give this dandelion to Sebastian as a delivery quest and I overlooked the due date so I ended scrambling for him on the last day. When I wasn’t able to find him anywhere I decided to wait by his house and catch him on his way to bed. I realized holding the dandelion above my head and standing in the rain at night by his house looked much more romantic than I had intended. Mainly because Sebastian is a single guy and, well, I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


A collective sigh was let out by the entire staff around the XCOM HQ when this UFO was shot down with .1 second left. I probably should’ve aborted earlier but I felt like gambling. I don’t think the pilot or their family agree with my decision though.

Is it dead?

After killing a Glenmoril Witch I went to behead it for a quest. Well after that it stood up and was just standing still… without it’s head. I slowly backed away, but kept an eye on her just in case.