Tripping through Whiterun

So drinking on the job is generally looked down upon anywhere, but in Skyrim knocking back a couple of Skooma on a quest is seen as an even worse offense. But I have a problem and all so why not. Shortly after I pounded them for the long trip back to Whiterun I felt ripped off. Nothing. It tasted like Skooma but I sure as hell wasn’t feeling it.

But with my luck, that shit hit me like a caravan as soon as I walked through those big ass gates. It must’ve been pretty noticeable since this Alik’r dude was giving me the “What’s wrong with you” eyes.

The ground was starting to look pretty blurry but as long as I don’t bump into any guards I think I can safely stumble to my meeting.

Whoa boy, even the walls are starting to melt.

Oh shit a guard and I’m too messed up to drink an invisibility potion let alone stand straight up.

Ok made to the meeting place without being arrested. And it looks like things are starting to look a bit less blurry, I’m slowly starting to come down I should be fine. Let’s just hope I can speak and the contact doesn’t notice any after effects.

Pokemon Go glitch art

I’ve noticed that some Pokestops in Pokemon Go tend to glitch when you tap on them. In my opinion they look like some neat glitch art and thought I’d screenshot them. So here they are, and should I come across anymore I’ll add them to this post. Unfortunately some get grayed out for the most part.

Well that sucks

When solo queuing competitive matches you always run the risk of getting some shitty teammates. Sometimes you get the person without a mic who can’t communicate or sometimes it’s the person who just doesn’t listen and does their own thing. Sometimes it can be a toxic player who thinks everyone else on the team sucks or sometimes you can just end with a troll who griefs your team. In this case I feel bad for @sty1e since one by one his whole team kept rage quitting. It’s really a shame since at the half his/her team was doing just fine. Props to @sty1e for sticking with it until the end though. Unfortunately I’ve been in those shoes too:

Road camouflage

I’ve seen the glitch where your character becomes pure black and lacks all textures, but this is the first time I’ve seen my character go the same texture as the roads on the map. Better to sneak up on unsuspecting Pokemon maybe?